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Obi provides convenient user account solutions for web3 and traditional enterprises who offer non-custodial web3 products to their users.

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Easy-To-Use SDKs That
Unlock Web3 for Everyone

We're building the right tools so teams don't need to headhunt blockchain personnel and spend months integrating wallet functionality.

Tools for Every Place

Cosmos chains, Aptos/Sui, EVM (including Ethereum), and Bitcoin

Prebuilt Modules

Tailor your experience to your users with plug-and-play features

For websites, intranets, or apps.

const obi = require('obi')(env.CONFIG_URI)
const recipient = "mlbstore.eth";
const asset = { denom: "RUNS", amount: 45000 };

const result = await obi.try_send( recipient, asset );


With Obi Multi-Key™, users can create their own key setup with our open technology. Use a quick 2-of-4 multisig or an ultra-secure 3-of-6 and you’ll never worry about losing access to your funds again.


Allow users to set transaction limits and whitelist contracts to protect thier assets from spoofing attacks.

& inheritance

Send assets to secure secondary accounts if your main account goes dormant for a selected period of time.

Easy & safe recovery

Obi users can recover their account even if multiple keys are lost or stolen. Account set-up is as secure and convenient as the user's preference.

Magic SMS & WhatsApp

SMS message with secret answer secures 1 key

Face & Fingerprint ID

Secure element on your local device secures another key


iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive holds 1 encrypted key


Optional e-mail key provides another recovery path

Unparalleled Flexibility

Obi apps’ best-in-class UX use familiar Web2 patterns with fancy Web3 technology behind the scenes, for 1-minute onboarding.Tighter integrations can even provide an “appless” wallet experience.

Wallet Integrations
Our security technologies can easily integrate with wallets that users are already familiar with, or we can build out white labeled versions of the full Obi Wallet platform to match specific needs.
Keplr Wallet
Terra Station
Custom Solutions

Any Questions?

If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please use our contact page - we're happy to help!

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